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This two legal documents shall be regulated by this policy only. You agreed and enter into this agreement with us by giving your authorization to be legally bound by such document. In light of this, both you and the company shall have mutual legal commitments and rights.

Applicability and Consent

1. Accessing our website means that you already gave your permission to entering an agreement with us.

2. You accepted this agreement the moment you give abundant clearance.

3. You may be asked to share your sufficient clearance frequently on a constant and may be on a continuous basis at our own discretion.

General Provisions

4. Our purpose is to give the best quality of services and products to you. For this reason, we make it of high value to enable that the right appropriate steps of identification, manner of communication, and choice possibilities are in place.

5. We get confined data about you as you use our website so that we can improve our customer’s user experience.

6. Information gotten as you visit our website and cookies

7. Immediately you access the website; we automatically start to collect the following information:

a. type of browser

b. access time

c. operating system.

8. This information is only used for the purpose of making better content on our web pages, customize and also improve our layout.

9. The fact that we gather your details once you log onto our website does not mean we are able to identify you using this information as we do not attempt to uncover the true identities of those individuals that use our website.


10. In order for you to experience a smooth browsing of our web pages, we use cookies. These cookies are the little tiny files that can be used to uniquely identify your visit.

11. Cookies can be managed and disabled at any time, but because they help in enhancing a website’s functionality, disabling them makes our website to perform less.

Manner of Communication

12. We encourage everyone to let us know about it if they think that the information gathered by us in a misleading, unfair or inappropriate way. All suggestions about improving our procedures are welcome.

13. We will gladly send you additional details if necessary. Please use this email address to contact us and forward all your requests to us.

Final Provisions

14. The failure of either of the parties of this standards to force the discharge of any point that this Privacy and Cookies Policy contains shall not refuse the rights to further enforce this or any other provision that this Privacy and Cookies Policy holds.

15. Reports and notices covered by this Privacy and Cookies Policy shall be received within a day from the moment of sending the notice.