Revision policy 

We as a company with lots of experience and the best online writing industry have a full understanding that one way or the other we might need to do some revisions for our customers’ work and this is because of some unexpected mistakes or happenings when processing some of the following:

  1. custom essay
  2. research papers
  3. dissertations
  4. thesis

As the best essay writing company, this is rare since we have a lot of experienced experts who attend to all our exceptional custom essay, research papers, dissertations, and thesis.

The custom writing service provided by advises our customers to go through our revision policy with care in order to avoid any form of misunderstandings during the process of conducting a revision. We also acknowledge that as much as we are the best essay writing company for several custom writing services, there might be instances with a possible chance that we will need to review your work.

We also understand that in some instances the customer might give more data on the assignment after writers at have already started working on their custom thesis assignment. Therefore, we emphasize on the need to read our custom writing service revision policy attentively.

It is no new tradition among the essay writing companies to conduct free revisions to the benefits and the satisfaction of their valued clients as long as they abide by the terms and conditions that have been laid down by the company. Therefore, we expect all of our clients to follow the rules as well as the regulations given below so we can have a great and interesting conversation while we process your orders for custom essays.

Rules guiding revision

We expect our customers to ask for a revision on the custom dissertation within a period of 7-days after we have sent them their completed tasks. Clients will follow the usual steps to be taken as laid down by custom writing agents in order to demand a revision.

Allocation of Revision Per Order

Clients are given a maximum of 3-revision requests cost free, but this is only applicable if all of the above conditions have been met. A separate order should be made so as to request instructions that are far from the above-mentioned provisions or if the three free revisions are all used up. On the new order, clearly itemize the changes that are needed to be made in the essay.

We also advise all our customers to get in touch with our customer service representatives via email with their order number to ask for the required revision. Free revisions are inapplicable if the free 7-days ultimatum already passed. In case the paper needs further editing or proofreading, a new order should be placed.

Clients are given 14 days to approve the revised document. Approval time begins upon the completion of the latest document sent to our company via email. When the 14-days duration has ended, the system will automatically tag it as approved.